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Michaela Barochova

The neckpiece ‘RATIO’ was developed by Michaela Barochova in Spring 2019 at K2 Jewellery Academy, as a response to that term’s overarching theme ‘Broken’. Michaela focused on human connections in her research and design development. She materialised the ideas using textiles and copper. RATIO was exhibited at Cockpit Arts Open Studios 2019 alongside imagery of a couple wearing the neckpiece.


Artist’s statement about the work:


‘RATIO’ is about a change, finding a new way, exploring possibilities, equality, but mostly it is about a connection between two people. The interlocking chains, dedicated for two people to wear, are interwoven with ropes and threads to introduce strength, helping bind the structure together, symbolising human bond. Simultaneously, delicate cotton threads transform the solid copper chain and give lightness to the structure. The piece therefore brings notions of contradictions- lightness and heaviness, distance and affection, separation and connection, presence and absence. That approach fed the concept for the photographic documentation of the piece, in which it was worn by a couple.

As part of developing RATIO, two ‘interactive’ bracelets were made- pieces of wool sandwiched between copper rings and disks riveted to each other, with the intention for the wearer to break through the wool with their hand. At K2, I experimented with many cold connections between textiles and metal before finally focusing on weaving and building a large loom on which I made the neckpiece- a process that took many weeks to complete. 



About the experience at K2 Academy:


K2 Academy of Contemporary Jewellery is one of the best schools I’ve ever studied at! It was a perfect follow up to my BA Metal & Jewellery Design course at Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Art and Design in Pilsen, Czech Republic. At K2 I learned a lot of new techniques including fold forming, sheet deformation, surface decoration, chain making, engraving, to name a few. Katrin and Kelvin were always thoroughly discussing my ideas with me to help me figure out best way to materialise my concepts and chose the most suitable techniques for it. I admire them both as dedicated teachers and as artists with mindblowing technical skills and conceptual approaches to their practice. I appreciate their efforts to make students think outside of the box and approach jewellery from the conceptual point of view.