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Welcome to K2, a jewellery school with a conceptual, free-thinking approach to design, underpinned by rigorous technical training in the heart of London


5 Day Course

24 July 2017- 28 July 2017


This creative workshop will explore how metamorphosis can be used as a theme in jewellery making and design. The aim is to achieve new and innovative outcomes through transformative processes and consecutive changes. Pieces will be created by using a method of step-by-step alteration. The focus will be on the process as an important catalyst for creating new designs – the journey is as important as the end product.


What will be taught?

The first part of the course will cover technical aspects such as creating masters, mould making and different casting techniques. You will also be encouraged to think creatively about attachment techniques and how they can be transformed into something new and unique. The second part of the course will take you to the experimental stage where you will explore the methods and theme of transformation. You will be guided to experiment, play and transform the attachment-elements which you will have produced and duplicated in the first part of the course. We achieve this through deconstruction and re-construction and combining materials. The aim is to create unique end products – attachments that go beyond the scope of the traditional brooch.

Who is it for?
Students, jewellers, artists and craft practitioners who are looking to explore new approaches to making, who want to get the chance to experiment and broaden their creative and working practices.


Who will teach the course?

K2 founders and course leaders Kelvin J Birk and Katrin Spranger are professional jewellers with years of teaching experience. Meet your tutors here


Date and Time

24th - 28th July 2017 


Cockpit Arts, Cockpit Yard, Northington Street, London WC1N 2NP, UK



£590 (most materials incl.)






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